ordered Adidas to ‘start to make new designs’ — hours after he was embarrassingly escorted out of the headquarters of rivals Skechers, amid the rapid implosion of his business empire.

On Wednesday night he also appeared to reference his declining financial clout, noting: ‘I haven’t got super model pu**y in over a month.Please send help.’

His girlfriend of the past few weeks, Brazilian 24-year-old Juliana Nalu, is a model. 

West, 45, on October 9 tweeted that he would go ‘death con 3’ on ‘JEWISH PEOPLE,’ an apparent reference to Defcon, the U.S.military defense readiness system.

His Twitter and Instagram accounts were blocked in response and his lucrative deals with Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga and Vogue all abruptly ended — but the rapper was unrepentant, .

West on Monday was , but on Tuesday an analyst said that the German-based sportswear company intends to sell existing Yeezy product designs using its own branding.

The company said it would cease production of Yeezy-branded products and halt all payments to West and his businesses, but added that it is the owner of the Yeezy design rights.

‘Adidas is the sole owner of all design rights to existing products as well as previous and new colorways under the partnership,’ the company said.

West on Wednesday issued his first response to their statement.

Kanye West on Wednesday evening issued his first response to being dropped by Adidas on Monday — a move which cost him $1.5 billion

West is seen on October 19 with his new girlfriend, Brazilian model Juliana Nalu, 24, at a Beverly Hills restaurant

‘As to Adidas, you can start to make new designs for footwear, apparel and accessories immediately,’ he wrote in a text to a ‘Quinn Emmanuel’, screenshotted and shared to Instagram.

West has previously been represented by law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, but Alex Spiro, a partner at the firm, said he was not involved.

West ‘asked me to be his attorney but the representation never formalized,’ said Spiro, whose other clients include Elon Musk.’I do not represent Mr. West.’ 

West, in the text, continued: ‘As to Gap, the non-compete expires December 15, 2022.

‘You own the Yeezy name and all trademarks associated with Yeezy.’

West on Wednesday was removed from Forbes’ list of billionaires, with the magazine concluding that without Adidas he is worth $400 million. 

His fortune comes from real estate, cash, his music catalog and a 5 percent stake in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm, Skims.

The deal with Adidas brought West an estimated $1.5 billion. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Westwas embarrassingly escorted out of Skechers headquarters after showing up unannounced to pitch his Yeezy brand, one day after and having his songs banned by Peloton. 

He was taken out by two ‘executives’ according to a statement released by the company Wednesday afternoon. 

 said in a statement: ‘Considering Ye was engaged in unauthorized filming, two Skechers executives escorted him and his party from the building after a brief conversation. Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West.

‘We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech.The Company would like to again stress that West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.’ 

Kanye West was spotted looking in good spirits at a bagel shop on Wednesday before his visit to Sketchers

He was seen near a parking lot before he was escorted out of Sketchers HQ

Kanye West, pictured on October 21, was escorted out of the building by ‘executives’ Wednesday after showing up unannounced to pitch Yeezy after he was dropped by Adidas

Skechers officials worked quickly to remove West from the Manhattan Beach building and release a statement saying they do not condone hate or antisemitism of any kind 

The firestorm involving the rapper started when he took to Twitter to say he wanted to go ‘death con 3’ on Jewish people who had apparently wronged him 

West may have faced additional opposition if he had gotten a preapproved sit-down meeting with Skechers executivesThe rapper’s removal from the shoe brand’s office comes mere hours after Adidas announced that it will continue to sell Yeezy products while removing the rapper’s moniker. 

Management said that they will sell the items under their own brand at the beginning of 2023, according to analysts. 

Adidas broke off their mega-million dollar deal with Ye Tuesday after pressure from fans over the rapper and designer’s recent antisemitic comments. 

‘I can say antisemitic things and Adidas can’tt drop me,’ Ye had previously stated. 

‘Looking ahead, on our understanding, the company will not sell any Yeezy-branded products and all Yeezy products willthat they have ‘indefinitely paused’ the inclusion of any songs by Ye in their classes. 

‘We take this issue very seriously and can confirm Peloton indefinitely paused the use of Kanye West’s music on our platform, the statement said. If you’re ready to see more information on EVden EvE NaKliYat check out our own internet site.    

‘This means our instructors are no longer using his music in any newly produced classes and we are not suggesting any class that includes his music in our proactive recommendations to Members. 

‘You should know this was a decision we made immediately following his remarks.Again, thank you for sharing your concerns and thank you for being a Member of our Peloton community.’

One Peloton instructor, Alex Toussaint, went so far as to comment on the 

‘Cause I love everybody, I want to make sure everybody feels safe in my environment, in my classes, I’m not going to speak too much on it because you know I stand with you. 

‘You will not hear that artist in my class,’ Toussaint said.’I promise y’all I do not support hate speech, whatsoever, baby. I don’t tolerate that at all all.’ 

It’s been loss after loss for Ye, who also lost his partnership with GAP, who immediately pulled his merchandise from their dedicated website after announcing that they were no longer working with him. 

The company condemned West’s comments Tuesday, saying that were taking ‘immediate steps’ to remove Yeezy GAP products from their stores and shut down their website. 

‘On behalf of our customers, employees and shareholders, we are partnering with organizations that combat hate and discrimination.’ 

Universal Music’s Def Jam has also condemned West’s comments, after splitting with the rapper last year.

They said: eVden eVe NAkLiYat ‘Def Jam’s relationship with Ye as a recording artists, its partnership with the GOOD Music label venture and Ye’s merchandise agreement with Bravado all ended in 2021.

‘There is no place for antisemitism in our society.We are deeply committed to combating antisemitism and every other form of prejudice.’ 

The rapper was also dropped Monday by talent agency CAA.

In a statement GAP said: ‘Anti-Semitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values.

His Twitter and eVden eVe NaKLiyaT Instagram accounts were restricted, with the social media platforms saying they removed his posts that online users condemned as antisemitic.

SHAUN EDWARDS: Rugby needs the Six Nations to lift the doom and gloom

A lot of people are knocking rugby at the moment and it has irritated me a bit.Hopefully, the can really change the mood. It’s great to be involved again. I love it every year.

It’s been a difficult time for the sport lately, but it has given me so much in my life.It’s given me an identity and it’s given me a purpose. So I’ve had enough of the doom and gloom around the game. Nothing is perfect, but I want to send a message out that there are a lot of good things in rugby and a lot of great people.

You don’t meet many people in rugby who you don’t like and the sport has so many positives as well as these negative things that there has been a lot of coverage about.

France will go back to basics in their defence of the Six Nations title this year

Now the Six Nations is back and it excites me as much as ever.What a competition, it’s fabulous.

After Christmas, everyone’s a bit miserable in January, so the Six Nations is something to really look forward to at this time of year.I used to think that even back when I was playing rugby league. It’s a fantastic, national event where every game is more or less a derby. And evDen EVE nAkLiYAt it’s the competition I’ve always judged myself on because teams get exactly the same preparation time.

This year, it looks wide open. The teams are well-matched and all of world rugby is like that at the moment, with very, very close scores.It’s marvellous for the international game.

With France, we’re trying to defend the title and we have to think like we’re back to square one. We have to go back to the basics of our game and make sure they are right, all over again.

The Six Nations looks wide open this year and there will be no easy matches

You’ve got to remember that some of our guys will have played eight or nine matches for their club since we last played together against Japan in November.They have come back in after months of all playing in different systems, for different coaches. It takes time to gel again, so it’s important to go back to the basics of your scrum, lineout, kick-offs and all those key parts of the game.

We have some injuries but I’m confident we will cope.

Fabien Galthie put down a challenge to the backs last week in training. He said: ‘OK, who’s going to replace Jonathan Danty? Who’s going to replace Gabin Villiere?’ Those two guys aren’t just important to our attack, but amazing defensive players, too. It was good to see the way the players reacted in the session after Fabien had challenged them.

They tried to play with the same sort of intensity as those fantastic players who are missing with injury.

Of course, as the defending champions we have a target on our heads now, but that’s something we have to get used to if we want to be at the top.I think this is the first time in history that the teams ranked No 1 and No 2 in the world have been in the Six Nations. That’s fantastic.

Ireland are No 1 at the moment and we are No 2. How much you pay attention to the rankings is your decision but it’s great for the fans.I’ve been lucky enough to be ranked No 1 for a week with Wales and for two weeks with France, but we all know South Africa are the world champions and that’s what really matters.

France will be wary of England as a lot of players have never won a Test at Twickeham

We’ve got Italy first up in Rome.

If you adored this short article and you would like to receive more information concerning evDEn evE nAkLiYAT kindly browse through our web page. They won in Cardiff at the end of the last Six Nations, then beat Australia in the autumn which was a famous win for them. In their next game against South Africa, for 50 minutes they were in a tight contest with the world champions, so we have to take Italy very seriously.

It looks like they will be competitive and dangerous.

Next, we’re playing the team ranked No 1 in the world on their own patch in Dublin. Everyone knows that Andy Farrell, Mike Catt and the other coaches there have transformed Ireland into one of the best teams to watch, and their performance stats are off the charts.

They are an incredible attacking force and their defence is absolutely fantastic, too.I think they conceded the fewest points on average in the world last year. So they have great defence aligned with a fantastic attacking game, and they’ve also got steel. Ireland are not the biggest team, but they’re very fit, incredibly mobile and play for the full 80 minutes.

We also have to go to Twickenham and that will be a huge challenge for this French team.I rate Steve Borthwick highly as a coach and England EvdEn EvE nAkLiyAT are always very competitive. In all the time I’ve been involved in international rugby, there’s never been an easy match against England.

Coach Andy Farrell has transformed Ireland into one of the best teams to watch

That will continue and a lot of our players have never won a Test at Twickenham.That’ll be my message to them that day.

My old boss, Warren Gatland, is back in charge of Wales and they start at home against Ireland, which is going to be a rip-roaring game. Whoever wins is going to get momentum. Gats would always say: ‘If we get early momentum in the competition, we can win it.’ And the whole of Wales would get behind them.

I tell the French guys: ‘Forget the Wales you see on the summer tour and in the autumn. The Six Nations is what the emphasis is on in Wales and the whole country comes alive for it.So you have to be ready for a war against them.’

They’re going to be our last match, it’s in Paris, and I know that’s going to be some game.


Stats must support change

In the build-up to this Six Nations, there’s been a lot of talk about lowering the legal tackle height.For me, it’s all about having the data to support what they are doing, like there was for the scrum changes.

We all think scrums go on too long, but there aren’t so many guys having neck or back surgery after they retire, like in the old days.There are statistics to say that what they’ve done has made a huge improvement to the health of the players involved in scrums. If we can have statistics to show that the lower tackle will have a similar impact in making the game safer, then obviously we’ll all get behind it.

As a defence coach, one thing I will say is that it’s very difficult to practise lower tackling without players being injured — either the carrier who falls on to his ankles, or the tackler who might get a whack on his head from a knee. 

So we have to think long and hard about how we can safely practise lower tackles, if that’s the way the game is going.